Rural Aid Launches it’s Suicide Prevention Campaign
with Music Video “Free Air” featuring Tommy Emmanuel by Phoebe Jay.

As North West Queensland are coming to grips with the devastation caused by the recent deluge, Rural Aid’s relief efforts crank into gear.
We appeal to the community to get behind the song and the message to support our rural communities mental health with Rural Aid’s counsellor services.  

As droughts and now devastating floods grip Australia’s grazing lands, the mental health of our farmers and rural communities is climaxing to unprecedented levels. The sheer scale of the recent floods last week in North Queensland will not only cost millions in terms of stock but will also take years off farmers lives due to stress and emotional torture. After 7 years of drought and hand feeding, the massive flooded plains of the northwest have now swept away the will to continue for many. In this light, Rural Aid has teamed up with one of Australia’s youngest country music prodigies Phoebe Jay, to help bring Suicide Awareness to the forefront with the commissioning of a new song, Free Air performed in association with the legendary Tommy Emmanuel.
Funds raised from sales of the song go directly to Rural Aid.

You can Donate to the Campaign, Purchase the CD or Download form links below.

Free Air ft Tommy Emmanuel by Phoebe Jay for Rural Aid's Suicide Prevention Campaign
Free Air - Meet a Rural Aid Councillor
Rural Aid Free Air 30 Second Tv Ad
Free Air ft Tommy Emmanuel by Phoebe Jay for Rural Aid's Suicide Prevention Campaign
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About the Song

Australian Country singer Phoebe Jay joins with one of the world’s greatest guitarists Tommy Emmanuel to raise funds for Rural Aid’s Suicide Prevention Campaign with Free Air. The song is a lullaby sung to a person who through economic and emotional stress has come to the point where they believe there is only one choice to their problems, taking their own life. Air is free and tomorrow is another day where there is always more than one choice. This song speaks to them to follow me I will lead the way to people who can help. With Rural Aid providing a real solution to this confronting and emotional stories that rural families face. Helping with counsellors driving up the driveway to come have a cuppa to your family kitchen table with real help and support. Phoebe Jay is a young country music singer songwriter, living around the cane-fields of Bundaberg. This wonderfully, talented young Australian singer’s melodic tones and harmonies mix traditional, classic country with a twist creating a new and vibrant sound. This has projected her into the spotlight charting worldwide and nationally as an award-winning independent Australian country music artist. Now with a national number one with single Rollercoaster Ride under her belt she sets out to bring awareness to the issue Australian Farmer Suicide with the release of her next album Free Air featuring Tommy Emmanuel to help raise funds for Rural Aid’s Suicide Prevention Campaign. Bringing awareness of our rural people and the wider community who are at risk of taking their own lives. This all at the tender age of 16 Years. From amazing acoustic solo performances to rocking the country socks off the crowd with a band she is always an attraction for young and old. Peace, Love, Joy.

Campaign Brief

Rural Aid’s launching of this suicide awareness campaign with Phoebe Jay as its front face brings forth a major element is the despair that suicide leaves, the forgotten, the friends, and family wondering. Rural Aid has seen a massive growth in demand on ground and via call to its launch of its mental health program on July 1st 2018. The drought affected QLD, NSW, VIC and SA farmers is growing like a sludge across our landscapes and through our minds. Drought sadly is a slow methodical depressive weather event. Rural AidRural AidRural AidRural Aid – Buy a bale Each day we look at the sky and see what we should be so happy to see, a blue sky but for those in drought its fear of what the day brings, feeding stock, trucking water, avoiding telephone calls, not going to town and seeing a friend, it’s isolation on a daily basis. This suicide awareness campaign is about raising people’s capacity to see the signs and better understand suicide. We live in a “ME” society today, we’re so caught up in our world we failto see and understand what our friends and loved ones may be going through. Spending time with, calling or visiting, sharing a drink or meal, taking a friend out for a break away from their normal surroundings, just being there for someone when they needed you the most. Sadly we can never stop suicide. Some of the most brilliant people in the world with networks of friends, and the best medical help still take their lives.
But if we can save one life it’s a blessing, saving many is gratitude”.
Charles Alder | CEO

Our Free Air Sponsors

The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and the Bundaberg Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.